Monday, May 17, 2010

Today I become a "Producer"

As you may have noticed, I have not posted to this blog in a while.
(If you haven't noticed... why not?)

I read an interesting post today by Tynan on his blog, "Life outside the box" that gave me a wake-up call to start blogging regularly again.

Here is a quick excerpt that captures the theme of Tynan's post about Producers ...

I’ve noticed that most people who “live by their own rules” actually don’t live
by their own rules; they live with no rules. I live by my own rules, and I have
many of them. A great deal of them are focused around limiting consumption. I
think most consumption (generally anything not expensive enough or not long
enough in duration to force thoughtful consideration) is toxic.

So I don’t consume much, but I produce a lot. Not because I’m a natural producer, but because I force myself to be one. And if you aren’t primarily a producer now, I’d encourage you to consider it.

What’s interesting about production is that it fills the same role as consumption; a way of occupying time and receiving a reward for it. Watching a TV show fills an hour of time and provides the (fleeting and insignificant) reward of entertainment. Writing a blog post also fills an hour and provides the (less fleeting and hopefully significant) reward of impacting people and adding to one’s body of work.

While a lot of my time recently has been taken up in (largely fruitless) activities around real estate investments, public speaking and, frankly, sitting on my butt (thinking, sort of), I am going to shift gears and move toward more productive activities.
This blog is a great way for me to get ideas "down on paper" (so to speak) and in the long run they will contribute to my "body of work".

Speaking of "body"... I am also going on a long run today! All that thinking and fruitless activity has not helped my physical fitness and now that Summer is coming, I need to get into much better shape... especially if I'm going to do a Fall Marathon in preparation for the Disney Marathon & a Half "Goofy Challenge" in January 2011.

I suggest that you read Tynan's whole article ... and ask yourself, "Am I a Producer?"

Have a great week ... and enjoy producing!

d.Mark "Dave" Wheeler

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