Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why "Incredible Shrinking Millionaire"?

I know it sounds like a weird title for a blog ....

and it does not have to do with the state of the economy and shrinking wealth...

and it certainly does not have to do with any Sienfeld-esque shrinkage...

What does it mean?
Punch the flower!
Let me start with the "millionaire" part first. I am not yet a millionaire (and I don't even play one on TV). I picked up the "title", if you will, last month when I attended two Marshall Sylver seminars, Turning Point* and Total Prosperity, where he talked about the millionaire mindset and how to "think like a millionaire".
I highly recommend the Turning Point seminar and I can get you highly discounted tickets. If you are interested, email me at theshot92 [at] for more info.
At one of the seminars, Marshall, with a smile on his face, said that he is a "multi-billionaire"... but "the money has not yet been deposited into his account." In other words, he is training his brain to think like a billionaire (he is already a millionaire) by working on the assumption that he already is one ! To me, that seems like a great approach ... and that is why the title of this blog includes "millionaire".
Please do not forward me emails explaining that [my money] is in a Nigerian account and I am the sole heir. I prefer to take the John Houseman approach and "earrrrrn it".
I should also add that my definition of a millionaire was also upgraded at Marshall's seminars. I now consider a millionaire someone who is "joyfully earning at least one million dollars per year". Besides, a million dollars in the bank is not what it used to be !

Where does the Shrinking come in?
The shrinking relates to my body. NO, not that part. I told you... no "Sienfeld shrinkage".
It relates to my overall body and my weight loss goals. Right now I weigh more than I have ever weighed in the past (and that is saying something). I am too embarrassed to say what my scale reads right now... maybe I will reveal the starting weight once I lose a few inches.

Simulated image August 2009
Wonder what my body looks like now?
Do you have a strong stomach? Luckily, thanks to our friends at Lands End, their "Virtual Model" program has created a much more palatable image of what I might look like in "tighty whities". (You could not handle "commando mode"... get your mind out of the gutter.)

You should REALLY thank Lands End for providing this software ... you don't want to see my hairy body in an actual photograph !

I will be posting some pictures soon with my goal weight / physique.

What about the "Incredible" part of the title?
This is the most important part of this blog. Life is made to be incredible. If your life is not incredible, you are asleep and need to wake up. Don't worry... I've been there and this blog will be part of my process of "waking up" to all that life has to offer.

As I decided in January of this year, my goal for 2009 is to "Get my mojo back!" ... and the Incredible Shrinking Millionaire is part of that plan !

Leave a comment and tell me what you think !
(Encouragement appreciated)

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  1. LOVE IT!

    I started my plan on July 7th, and have decreased in size considerably. Am very much looking forward to what your plan turns out to be.

    I found for me, it's:

    1) Exercise cardio 20 minutes every day (sometimes more, but min 20, and I vary the intensity - sometimes intervals, sometimes easy easy bike ride)

    2) Eat healthy (less food, chew slower, I cut out refined sugar and bread, except for allow bread once a week)
    3) Finish eating 5 hours before bed (I break this sometimes, about twice a week), but for me, it's a suggestion that I usually follow. It feels nice to wake up hungry!

    Looking forward to watching your progress, Millionaire!