Monday, March 1, 2010

Health update...

It has been a while since I've last updated this blog with my health, fitness and other misc. topics, so here goes ...

I have not weighed myself for a couple months. This is clearly a bad sign since I'm sure I have not lost weight. I also know that my diet has gone downhill in recent months and I will get it back on track this week.

Why do you think it will get back on track?
My exercise habits have improved significantly... and they have motivated me to improve my diet.
For example, I ran (jogged & walked, actually) 25K (15.5 miles) yesterday as the 4th race in the Boston Buildup series. I completed the 10K (6.2m), 15K (9.3m) and 20K (12.4m) races over the previous couple months. None of them were run at anywhere close to the pace that I have done in the past, but I figure that completing them is a step in the direction of fitness.

I have also been lifting weights (3 workouts over the past couple weeks) and swimming & biking (stationary bikes) at the local YMCA. I feel like I am getting more fit... although my waistline has not yet heard the news.

What's next?
I won a lottery that earned me entry into the NYC half marathon on March 21st and based on my 15.5 mile "adventure" yesterday I figure that I should have no problem finishing it... but it is also an opportunity for me to improve my health in other ways.

I have a new motto for my new diet that is going to help me lose some serious LB's between now and the NYC half marathon. ... Clean, Green & Lean!

What's that mean?
means no "crud" in my diet. Crud or "non-clean" food is easy to spot. We all know the foods that are not good for us ... chocolate, greasy / fatty foods, sweets and overly processed foods. It is also a reminder that I am working to keep my body clean ... inside and out.

Green means more vegetables and, in particular, GREEN vegetables. The last time I was thin (in graduate school) I was constantly eating salads and that is a great place to start. I will need to learn how to eat even more green foods (not including shamrock shakes at McDonalds). This will also keep my digestive track "clean" since non-veggies tend to move more slowly through the intestines and create problems over the long term.

Lean has to do with any meats that I might eat. They must be very lean (and in small portions). It is also a reminder that I am working to become lean.
After the NYC half marathon, I am signed up for the Danbury half marathon on April 11th which should be another good test of my fitness.
Wish me luck ... and leave your healthy recipes in the comments section !
(I will need them.)
d.Mark "Dave" Wheeler

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